Insider Secrets to Booking Jewish Weddings

For the busy professional ready to become the go-to for Jewish weddings and celebrations


Build your reputation and client list by learning how to confidently "speak" Jewish

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"This course was so informative and valuable for our team. Our staff is more confident and prepared than ever before to support our Jewish clients."

Florina Boyle, Knollwood Country Club 


"The course was great for our staff. Learning how to pronounce the words and learning more about the rules for Kosher food will help our team to provide the best service to our new Jewish clients!"

Paul Wertz, Platinum Dish

"So will we go from the Kaballat Panim to the B'decken?"- your next potential clients asks 

“Umm, let me get back to you on that,” as you furiously scribble it on your clipboard while wishing you had prepared better.

You've got another prospective Jewish client

and you’re determined to be ready to answer questions confidently this time! So you spend the next hour frantically researching the timeline of Jewish weddings and the customs involved. But there’s so much information online you’re not 100% sure where to start…





So you keep doing what you've been doing

like Googling “Jewish weddings and traditions” or buying a book like “Judaism for Dummies” (trust me, you’re not the only one!) Or you ask your Jewish friends, coworkers, and clients the “why” behind Jewish traditions and customs. 


I see you trying! And you already know more than when you started!

But there is so much more you need to learn! Because in the Jewish community...

 Knowledge builds trust and trust earns referrals and referrals are GOLD in the Jewish party world!


Look… you know that having in-depth insider knowledge of Jewish weddings and traditions can help you establish yourself in the Jewish party world!

Specifically, it will help you… 

  • Expand your client list by being an expert in Jewish celebrations
  • Communicate with confidence when talking with Jewish clients
  • Demonstrate your deep respect for your client’s faith and traditions
  • Earn your client’s trust so they’ll pass your name around to their friends
I'm Ready, Pat!

As an outsider working within the tight-knit Jewish community, I knew I had the right combination of experience and deep respect for the Jewish faith to create a course to help you gain the knowledge you needed!

Hey there! I’m Pat Blackwell, the Jewish Party Maven! 

I’m also a Catholic girl who grew up on a pig farm in Minnesota!

“Wait. What? You're not Jewish?”

No. But I’ve spent most of my life learning about the Jewish world, what it represents, and its history! I’ve been honored to help thousands of families put on epic Jewish weddings and parties!

But as someone who knew absolutely nothing at first, I understand how intimidating trying to learn on your own can be!

I’ve also seen how much more you can do when you have a deeper understanding of Jewish traditions. 

That’s why I’m here!

I learned this stuff the hard way. This course gives you the easy way!

Learning Jewish customs and traditions takes more than just reading a book


Having spent over 30 years learning the ins and outs of the Jewish party world and teaching others about it,

I’ve pinpointed three reasons learning Jewish customs and traditions can be challenging for an event professional like you...

While these reasons aren't entirely impossible to overcome individually, finding a solution that knocks out all three at the same time...

That's the challenge! 

Let’s put away your event timelines and seating charts for a second. You are about to get to get access to...

I'm ready to start speaking Jewish, Pat!

After three decades of working in the Jewish party world, I’ve put together everything you need to:

  • Grow your business and establish yourself as the go-to for Jewish weddings and celebrations (aka more referral business for you!)
  • Build trust with your in-depth knowledge of the details that go into every celebration and tradition
  • Speak “Jewish” and confidently ask the right questions, make suggestions, and help clients create memories during their special events
  • Navigate the three different branches of Jewish tradition to avoid awkward “foot in mouth” situations 
  • Onboard and train staff on Jewish celebrations so that everyone —from the front of the house to the kitchen staff—understands the “why” behind every tradition and their role in making every event memorable

Just a few venues & organizations we've worked with

Detroit Athletic Club

Knollwood Country Club

Greater Michigan Club Managers Association


Here's how you'll become the expert on Jewish

events and celebrations

Module 1

Deep dive into Judaism 

Get a simple (and clear) introduction to the history of Judaism and the unique characteristics of the three main branches. Learn about the different VIP's you'll interact with at Jewish events. 




Walk away with a deeper understanding of Judaism that sets you apart from other venues and vendors.

Module 2

Start speaking "Jewish" 

"What is the difference between a Bar Mitzvah and a Bat Mitzvah?"  "What is the ketubah and why is it so important?" Knowing the right words (and how to pronounce them) not only shows respect for Jewish customs but gives you the tools you need to provide better service. 



Walk away with the confidence to that makes you stand out and truly deliver.

Module 3

Life Cycle Events 

From Bris to Shiva, there is always something to celebrate within the Jewish faith. This module takes you through the customs of significant life cycle events in the Jewish community. and a Bat Mitzvah?"  




Walk away with a clearer picture of Jewish Life Cycle Events and how you can help make each celebration memorable for your Jewish clients.

Module 4

Bar Mitzvahs

 Dive into the heart of Jewish culture by mastering the ins and outs of the Bar (and Bat!) Mitzvahs – a pivotal coming-of-age bash that blends deep tradition with epic party vibes! 


Walk away with the a deeper understanding so you can truly contribute to these epic celebrations. 

Module 5

Jewish Weddings

 Say "I Do" to Jewish Wedding Wisdom: Dive into the enchanting world of Jewish weddings and all the unique traditions. You'll learn how all the traditions and vocabulary you have already learned fit into the ceremony and reception. 


Your expertise will not only open doors to this niche market but also earn you rave reviews and repeat business.


Module 5

The Holidays

 From Rosh Hashanah to Shabat, get to know the major Jewish Holidays on the Jewish calendar and how the rules and customs can impact your calendar. You’ll learn the reason behind each holiday, the basic customs to remember, and how each holiday is celebrated today.


Walk away with the knowledge you need to navigate and respect the customs of the Major Jewish Holidays! 


Yes, I am ready to start!


"This course allows leaders to take their teams to the next level. Providing this training for our staff shows our members that we truly care by investing in training that matters. Having options to train additional employees has been incredibly valuable. There is nothing out there like this."

Jessica Waxman, Club Managers Association of Michigan

Here's how it all comes together so you can succeed in the Jewish event world!

Bite-size Modules and assessments

Power through the course with short, easy-to-follow modules that keep you engaged and quizzes to help retain the information!

Mobile Friendly Vocabulary and Holiday References

Download the resources on your phone and have them ready whenever you need a quick refresher.

Self-Paced Course

Access the course when it’s convenient for you!  Whether between clients, at the beginning of your day, or even from home, the course is accessible when you’re ready to learn!

Plus, you can get Jewish Party Maven Certified!


Show off your knowledge of Jewish customs and traditions with the Jewish Party Maven certification! Once you’ve completed the course and passed the final test, you’ll receive a certification badge to highlight your expertise! You’ll also receive assessment completions for the members of your team who also take the course!

Show off your knowledge of Jewish customs and traditions with the Jewish Party Maven certification!

Once you’ve completed the course and passed the final test, you’ll receive a certification badge to highlight your expertise! You’ll also receive assessment completions for the members of your team who also take the course!



I'm Ready to Speak "Jewish"


"Our team workshop was just what we needed to understand the different needs and opportunities in the Jewish community. And ensuring our sales team and designers can move forward with more confidence and level up our service for our existing and new Jewish clients. Total game changer!"

Jenna Eubauer, Display Group

I know you don’t have time to waste, so let’s make sure this course is for you!

Here's the type of event vendor this course was specifically designed for...

  • You handle Jewish weddings and celebrations (and want to do more of them!)
  • You care about providing the best service for your Jewish clientele
  • You want to grow your reputation in the Jewish party world
  • You deal with staff turnover and need to onboard and train new staff on Jewish traditions, regularly
  • You have tried googling the information but found it lacking in depth and practical application

If you’ve said "yes" to pretty much everything on this list, then there’s no question…this course can help you!

Whether you’ve handled only one or two Jewish weddings and the occasional Bar Mitzvah, or your client list is almost 100% Jewish

This course will give you a clear understanding of the “why” behind Jewish traditions and customs, so you can help clients create an event they will remember forever.

The Jewish Party Maven Promise & Guarantee

The Jewish Party Maven Promise

You’re here because you understand that every celebration is important and deserves to be treated with the deepest respect for the Jewish faith. 

More importantly, you want your clients to walk away knowing they made the best decision by trusting you with the important moments in their life.

I want ALL of that for you!

So here’s my promise. 


If you’re committed to providing the best service to your Jewish clients and don’t find the modules, resources, and coaching in this course helpful, then I will give you a full refund. 

But I encourage you to look inside, and if it’s not what you need, just let me know within seven days. Once I get your email, I’ll process your refund. 

Pat, I want in!


"The workshop increased the confidence of our sales team. Understanding the holidays, key words and pronunciations and more has really prepared our team to ensure any potential clients and future clients are in good hands at our venue!"

Detroit Athletic Club

Let me tell you a little more about me...

You and I have a lot more in common than you think.

 True Story: I knew nothing about Jewish traditions when I started managing events at Temple Israel in 1987


But what I did have was a willingness to learn! And now, I can’t even imagine not being part of the incredible Jewish parties in Detroit! But trying to learn to speak “Jewish” wasn’t always easy! There are so many customs, traditions, and words to remember! And in a community where referrals are GOLD…building a reputation as the venue that deeply understands Jewish traditions can help you build your Jewish client list!

That’s what I want for you!

With over 4400 events under my belt (and red coat) and after working with countless vendors, venues, and Jewish families...

I want to share the joy (and the insider secrets) of working in the Jewish event world!

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re ready to help families create beautiful memories and establish yourself as the go-to for Jewish weddings and celebrations, then…

I'm Ready Pat!

In case you’ve been wondering…

Here are the answers to the questions on your mind!  

"You can ask her any question and you don't need to be embarrassed about not being knowledgable or almost sounding ignorant because you don't know about something. Whenever there is a question, it is not embarrassing. She wants to educate you and that's important to her. I appreciate that!"

Sherri Perez, Director of Catering & Special Events, Detroit Athletic Club

You’ve probably done a ton of research on your own already…


So here’s how Insider Secrets to Booking Jewish Weddings stacks up against all your other options!


Options you can find online...

Reading whatever results you get from an online search

  • Some of the information will be useful, but you might find yourself trying to sort out what’s applicable for your team and what isn’t. 


Bingeing on blogs or extensive Youtube videos on Jewish traditions. 

  • This can feel like a lot of information,  especially if it's not catered to you.Plus, you might not get everything you need to manage Jewish events at your venue. 



Insider Secrets to Booking Jewish Weddings

The material is backed by thousands of hours working in the Jewish party world.

  • I’ve trained my team, vendors, and venues over the years and understand what they need to know to do their job well

The course is self-paced and can be incorporated into your onboarding process.

  • You’ll be able to purchase access to the course for your team members, so they can complete training before the next event 

Bite-sized modules help avoid information overload. 

  • Plus the information has already been curated to the information you need as an event vendor or venue

Quizzes are included at the end of each module.

  • This ensures the information is being retained, and each employee is trained properly.

"Pat has already gone through the in's and out's of what's going to be important to learn and to present to beginners, like myself. She took on an industry she didn't know anything about, dove into it, researched, studied, and became a subject matter expert on Jewish social events and history."

Claudia Luttman, Manager of Event Planning and Services, Temple Isael

The Jewish party scene is the place be…

Here’s your chance to be a bigger part of the celebrations!


There are 2 things I am certain about...

  1. Jewish weddings and parties will continue to be epic celebrations.
  2. Jewish families will always look towards their friends and family to refer them to the best places and best vendors to execute these epic celebrations!

So where does that leave you? You can…

  1. Enroll in this course, offer outstanding service to Jewish clients, and start building your reputation as a trusted venue in the Jewish party world  OR ...                                             
  2. Continue to try to piece together your knowledge of Jewish weddings and celebrations with the hope that you’ve learned enough not to mix up any customs or mispronounce them completely, like calling Chuppah a “Chu-pah!” (True story!) 


In this referral-driven community, you want to be known as the expert!

And with the bite-sized modules and detailed downloadable resources,  you and your team can have the knowledge and understanding you need to level up your services and start earning the trust and confidence of your Jewish clients. 


And when that happens, they’ll talk about you, and your services and pass your name around like rugelach!

Ready to build your expertise?

Here’s a recap of what you get when you get inside Insider Secrets to Booking Jewish Weddings:

6 Modules with videos and quizzes ($1500)


Wedding Vocabulary Guide ($25)


Jewish Holiday Blueprint ($25)


Total Value = $1550

Price: $518


Today’s Price: $118

Yes, I'm Ready to"Speak" Jewish!

Hey there, just one more thing...

By now, I hope you can tell how fiercely committed I am to helping you grow in the Jewish party world!

I also hope you’ve gotten a sense of my teaching style by now. I love questions! I’m pretty straightforward! I will give you the information you need without wasting your time with the “extra” stuff!

That’s what’s waiting for you inside the course if you decide to enroll. But whether you choose to enroll in the course or not, know that I will be here cheering you on as you navigate the Jewish event world!


Thanks for trusting me with your time!

Pat Blackwell, The Jewish Party Maven

Pat, I'm Ready to "Speak" Jewish!