Geoff Kretchmer of Star Trax


 Episode 4

Interview with Geoff Kretchmer

of Star Trax


 How do you branch out into a new market?   Plant positive seeds where ever you go.  That is the advice from Geoff Kretchmer, owner & managing partner of Star Trax Events.



Links mentioned in this episode:

  1. For information on how to get on the Jewish Party Maven Certified Vendor List, which will be out soon, just click here for more information.

  2. To get the free download JPM Top 12 Wedding Words the Best Vendors Know click: LOVE a good freebie!

  3. For more information, check out the Jewish Party Maven website Click Here

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As a party manager, I've managed over 4400 Jewish celebrations for over 25 years. My team of Red Coat Ladies manage
over 250 celebrations a year on 100% referrals!  In this business we know that people want to work with vendors they KNOWLIKE TRUST! 
When you learn the Jewish traditions and customs, you EARN that TRUST and GROW your business!  
One of the many things I love about the Jewish community is that they are an incredibly loyal & tight knit group and 
I am fiercely committed to helping you be the BEST in this Market! 
If you've worked a Jewish Wedding in the past or are just getting started… get them talking about YOU! Take it to the next level! 
How do you get more referrals?  You absolutely have to understand the Jewish traditions. Period!     
This is ALL about you, and how to build TRUST and GROW your business. 
I’m here to lead you every step of the way. 

-Pat Blackwell